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31 JULY 2015

Dear Diary,
I can't remember when the last time I’ve opened my Deviant Art account was. Back then, it's used to be one of my obsessions apart from blogging. It's not that I always posting arts, but simply browsing through amazing arts. I really admire how the artists expressed themselves through arts. This is one of the motivations for me to improve my arts skill as I want to just as great as the other artists.

Anyway, tomorrow will be our first proper date even though it has been 4 months since we started dating. Shocking huh? Well, my mom is the reason why. She doesn’t like the idea of me and a boy alone going out together. If I’m insisting, then we must be in a group of people. It’s not that she doesn’t trust me; it depending on whom I’m hangout with. Friends can be a great influence. However, it is my responsibilities to take care of myself not to get caught up in negative influence.

I'm just so excited for tomorrow! Hehe *Grinning* :D I wonder what he is up to? I’ve forced him to do a special kiss video for me and he was supposed to sing Baby by Justin Bibber. He was very reluctant to do so. Finally, he relented. But then, he was busy and hasn’t got time to do it for me. Yesterday, I asked him again about it. He said, don’t worries he will do it for sure so just be patient. The moment he said that, I started to imagine things. I wonder what his plan is for tomorrow as I know he is full of surprises. Am I hoping too much? Haha

Oh ya, I was eligible to study Diploma in Architectural Technology at Limkokwing University of Creative Technology. Too bad I have to turn down the offer and go for UIA instead. Because, it is better for me to take foundation and go straight for Degree when come to think of it. Plus, the intake for Limkokwing University is 3rd August and I haven’t bought the necessities for the university. The intake for UIA is January 2016. So there’s plenty of time for me to get ready. I hope I manage to get a spot to study Architecture in UIA. Aamiin... Cross my fingers.

That’s all folks. Salam Jumaat everyone!
Assalamualaikum :)

#throwbackpicture ^_^

9 JULY 2015

Dear Diary,
Heya it's me again. I feel bored... Like totally bored... All of my friends have continued their studies while I'm stuck here in front of my laptop. But hey, the good news is my mom seems to be giving me a green light for me to study in LimKokWIng University xD Well, I don't want put my hopes high but I prayed so that my mom won't change her mind about this matter :D Aamiin...

Last night... Wait, I mean this morning... I knew something I'm not supposed to know... Which is kind of disappointing...? But then again, people make lots of stupid mistakes. Therefore everybody deserves a second chance for those who willing to change for the better. Yeah, I have flaws too. Nobody's perfect. One told me, your imperfections make you perfect.

It was really hard for me to confess to him and so does him. Alhamdulillah he's willing to accept me as I am and I'm also willing to accept him as he is. I've read something on twitter saying, "If you want to be in someone's future, don't bother about their past because they don't live there anymore". People may judge, but they don't have the right to punish them for what they've did as people have the right to change and to correct their mistakes.

To be really honest, I almost give up on him once he told me about his 'painful' past. Almost... Well, we don't give on the person we love right? He was really stupid back then. Really, really, really really, really, really stupid, Alhamdullilah he realized his mistakes and regret it every day. He will change to be a better man. I am very sure about it. Otherwise... I don't know what I will do to him... 

hmm... I love him soooo damn much. I'm afraid to lose him. He's the best thing that ever happened in my life. I hope we can stay forever. Insya-Allah till Jannah... Aamiin... Even if he's not 100% mine (not my husband yet xD). I know certain people hate it when non-married couple use 'till jannah' as a caption. I feel you. I used to feel the same way too haha :P Anyway, I pray that he is the guy that was written for me in luh mahfuz. aamiinn.... :)

Okay peeps!
Happy fasting! :D

and yes... I'm making the right decision :)
2 JULY 2015

Dear Diary,
Guess who's back! Did you miss me? hehe :D I haven't continued my study yet. My everyday routine pretty much the same. I wake up, do some chores, eat and sleep. Sad life isn't? Well, this is after I've quit my job and I've got nothing to do in my life right now.

Yeah, I did manage to get a job as a packer at Boulevard Hypermarket before. It was a whole new experience for me. I started working on 13th February 2015. I did make a mistake during my first day. Well, it is the process of learning. I've met new friends. I know a lot of stories about people who worked at the hypermarket. Dark stories... and there's even a slight of misunderstanding between the workers. So much dramas were going on. I know a lot than I should have. I'm not a type of person who likes to pick a side. Anyway, some of them is just okay. Okay as in friendly, funny and generous. They even buy me a treat without hesitation.

It was near the end of March. I've decided to quit my job after going back from Kuching. I've hand in the resignation form to the human resource. There's one week left before I am officially not a Boulevard's worker anymore. Since it was holiday, many of the part time cashier went to work. There's one guy whom I've never seen before. He is a cashier. He usually work on the holiday because he is kind of lazy to work on the weekend. He greeted me and ask me a few question and we started talking. My first impression was, 'ouhh okay... He is friendly'.

This is him

I can't really remember when is the day I became his packer. It was the beginning of our friendship. We talk about a lot of stuffs. We even share the same taste of music which is Jazz. He then gave me a list of Michael Buble songs for me to hear. It was fun talking to him. He suddenly asked for my wechat id. Then I told him that I'm not really active in wechat and I can't really remember my wechat id at the moment, so I gave him my number instead. After coming home from work, I received a whatsapp from him. We started chatting.

Ever since, he will always greeted me good morning, ask me what I was doing and talk about stuffs. Even though he's having classes, he still willing to spend his time chatting with. I never feel so attached than before because even with my friend, we don't really text much. Only on certain days.

Finally I'm free. I don't have to wake up early to go to work and can sleep early as I don't have to come home late from work. My birthday was on the weekend and I told him about it. I asked him to get me a present. hehe :P  But 29 March 2015 was the Big Big Sale at Boulevard hypermarket. Yet he don't really mind giving me present on that day.But yet he surprised me during my outing with Fad. I was like... Speechless haha xD I didn't expect that he will joined us too! grrrr hahaha *Sigh.. I was touched by his action despite we only know each other for two weeks. I never had a guy friend do such thing for me.And the next day, I'm officially 18. But I don't go anywhere since I had celebrated it on 28 March with them. LOL.

On 31st March 2015, he told me that he was having a dream with me in it. It was a weird dream. He first refuse to tell me what was it. I forced him to. At last he told me about it.

In his dream, I drove a car and send him back home. Just before he close the door, he said thank you and bye 'sayang'. I was blushing right away. O.O

After he told me his dream, I've said this to him, 'Usually, a person who dream about someone it means they like him/her'. Then he send me a smirk emoji. Due to his dream, he said maybe he has a slight feelings towards me. I told him that I feel same way, He asked me if we want to date each other. Of course I've said  and why not? It was kind of embarrassing and awkward moment. Look at us now hehe :3 Frankly speaking, I don't really have an eye on him during our first met and I never thought that he will be this important to me.

Well, expect the unexpected huh? Hehe :)

Salam Ramadhan everyone!!!


P/S: My grammar sucks. I know. This is what happened when you don't practice for your writing. Feeling mehh... :PPPPPP 

Assamualaikum and welcome to my galaxy blog! Thanks for dropping here! Do read the entries of mine and don't forget to leave a footprint so I can visits yours. :)
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