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26 February 2013
Dear Diary,
Since I step in into the upper form life, it seems harder than I've imagined it. Aigoo... What am I suppose to do? No one can help you with your own problem except yourself. Arachi! hehe... BTW, I'm a fan of KPOP too but not as obsessed as my friend. K, enough of that. Let me continue. As I said, upper form life is really busy. At the very beginning most of the teacher had remind us that when we start to become senior, there is no such thing as "Honeymoon". TET. Well, yeah. We have to struggle from the beginning.  Hmm... :T Sometimes I felt like I wanted to cry for no reason. LOL :P (What am I talking about?)
Anyway, I felt weird too because started from this second month sometimes I bumped into him. (You know what I meant). Hehe :D I always get nervous and want to hide my face somewhere because I'm not really sure if he knows that I'm the one who send him the message in Facebook telling him that I am his admirer. I know that it's a stupid things to do, but I want to achieve my last year resolution that is a confession. Huhu... Every time I bumped into him, I'll definitely remembered about the confession which make me insecure. I'm afraid that he recognize me and tell his friends about it. hmm... Whatever lah... hehe...
Before I forgot, that last week I've attend a camping for all the prefect. I am a library prefect and my duty is at the SPBT room. I was hoping that I'm working in the library or computer lab but sadly... huhu.. T^T During the camp, I was the leader of my group. I've learn so much that we must prepared not just physical but also the mentality to face the obstacle when we doing our duty as prefects. I like the part when we does "Larian Komando" which challenge our physical endurance. After going through that camp, I'm sure that I'm being able to think creative, rational, innovation, positive and responsible for the given task.
Okay now, that's all for today. Thank readers!
Buhbaii!! :3

The best feeling is when you look at him and he is already staring
By unknown

♥ P/S: Dear crush, I hope this will happening to me... hehe  ↑↑↑ ♥
18 February 2013
Dear Diary,
Time flies so fast. It's felt like only yesterday was the beginning of the Chinese New Year break. Hmm... Well,  at least I did fill my holiday with some 'Activities' to do. Hehe... Well, I went to Sibu just after the last day before the holiday. My family and I have 'Tahlil' of allayarham nenda. She had leaved us about four years now. I did remember how naughty and mischievous I was back then. My siblings including my cousins always make a house or buildings out of sofas since we're not allowed to go anywhere. We were such a mess too! The floor were full of toys. She always mad at us because we didn't clean it up. Well, we're still a kid at that time. The house itself is almost or more than 100 years old and was made from the pure 'Belian' wood. Wow, incredible right? We only stayed 4 days in Sibu. There were some changes made since the last day I went there. 
P/S: As you can see I hasn't update much, not that I don't have time. I was too lazy to write.
Klah... That's all for this night. Adios Amigos!!! :)

Memang benar bunga bukan sekuntum tapi cinta abadi hanya ada satu sahaja.
By Unknown..

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