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2 May 2014

Dear Diary,
aaa~ What a day. Thank god it's over. I've been felt insecure since last night. Why? Because my friend told me that 'someone' want to give me something. It's a good thing he didn't  because I don't think that I'm willing to accept it. Frankly speaking, he's kinda creepy. I hate it when he glanced at me. He thought nobody will notice it but my friend did. She also freaked out when she caught him in action. Urgh...

Back to our main topic, she really did it this time! I hate it when she wanted to scribble my 'beautiful' face with a permanent marker. I was panic and defense myself. At last, I manage to take that marker from her. Seriously Kit, what do you think you're doing? Too bad, our math teacher does not witnessing the scene. Otherwise, Kitty could be scold. Hehe (Evil Laugh).

We have to stay back as we're having our extra classes for Physics and Sejarah. But we didn't go for Sejarah since we've joined an Add-Maths Quiz inter-class competition.

There's still one hour left just before our quiz starts. We changed our clothes and decided to go outside to buy some food from the hawker. Suddenly, there's a boy whom we quite familiar with walking in front of us. Without a warning, Kitty ask him about his brother's latest news and asked him to send my regards to him. I was shocked. What a shame. It's obvious that we've been stalking him since Kitty knows his name.

Outside, not even a single hawker stalls was seen. Now we have to go back inside the school. We hang out at 'Knowledge Garden' aka 'Taman Ilmu'. We were having our girls talk. After a while, there's a gang of boys which one of them happened to be the boy's (the person I told you earlier) brother. When they passed the Taman Ilmu, Kitty started to shout my name like, "Yerr, Atiqah bah. Atiqah! He noticed that and we caught him smiling. My face was like:

Why on earth did you do that? All of his siblings will thought that I'm kind of play girl or something. I gotta say, Kitty is The Match Maker. Believe it or not, because of her, almost everybody has their own partner in school. Even the teacher believe what she'd said about my friend whom are believes dating our class monitor. LOL

During Add-Maths Quiz:
My blurred face pop out.
I don't even understand every single thing about the questions. Well, at least I have a great team. I only helped by fanning them so that they can generate the ideas when they receive enough amount of wind. Haha :D And yeap, the Computer Lab was warmish even though it has two air conditioners inside it. The 5 SC 2 students was the first team to finished the quiz. Genius.
We were the last team to hand in the question paper.

After the Add-Maths Quiz:
Latest News; She teased me with a boy from 5 SC 5. She told him in person while we were waiting for our transports at the bus-stop.At the end of the day, I don't want to bother about it anymore because everyone knows it was just a sensation spreads by her.

At least I get to feel the breeze while we're hanging out at the Taman Ilmu. Next time I want to bring along my sketch book as the view was great.

Hmmpphh!! Our examination is drawing near. I was a bit worried that I might not reach my intended target.
Pray for me okay? Hihi [*^_^*]

Oklah... That's all from me, thank you. Heheh :P
Assalamualaikum! Adios Amigos!

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