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29 March 2014

Dear Diary,
Heya! Watchu doin? Hehe...
We were having a great time at Kbox earlier. Singing our heart out like crazy! Haha xD
It was fantastic as nobody cares of our vocals and pitching control. We can just rock it how we want it to!

It was quite expensive but it may be our last moment together since next week, we will start to crack our head and work our butt off as after the holiday all the from 5 students will have to attend extra classes. Sighs. So, I want to cherish 
 the the moment. Bahaha... Weird me :P

Karaoke time!
Miracle happened when the day does not raining.
I bet that you want to know who is the best singer among us right? The birthday girl of course! Haha :D
Well... I think I did my best.

But first, let me take a selfie! aha :D
Did you know that I was holding two hand-phone at time? Shocked? Don't be.
My friend ask me to take some videos with that Stitch cased hand-phoned. Hehe :P

After our vocals got tired after screaming out loud just to release tension, we went to have some supper. At food court  since our budget wouldn't let us to spend our money at KFC or even Singapore Chicken Rice Shop. The least I could afford was smoothies. The banana milkshake was so yummeh.

Typical me when I start to eat, I don't bother about others. I'm not the type of person where I have to act like a Princess Wannabe every time I eat out. And yeah, don't mind me as I will always eat in appetizing style.

I hate the fact when I ordered foods which doesn't suits my body size and  people started to questioned that:
"Are you sure you're going to finish that? 
In my mind, " who the F are you telling me what to do? It's my body and I can eat whatever I want as long as it Halal and yeah, I am 100% sure I could finish it. But if I don't, I can give it to my mom. Boo". It sounds RUDE. I know, I know...

While waiting for Izz to finish his meal,  Fad and Meera went to camera store to get their pictures print. They promised us that within 30 minutes we have to meet at Speedy disc store. So we get our self a deal.
But when we went down to that store, they were nowhere to be seen! We searched high and low for them but still there were no hope for us.

What a coicidence when I met Misha at PBB bookstore and yet the real intention was to search for Fad and Meera.
Can't believe that I would bump into her! She was with her grandma buying some books.
She's cute isn't she? Look at her face, she smiled like a cat. Haha xD Very cute! :3

At last we gave up on the expedition. We barely see them everywhere. Where could they be? Izz suggest this crazy idea about telling the operator to make an announcement  about a couple of missing teens. Hahhaha xD

At the end of the day, we just sit down at the KFC and my cousin joined us as her shift was over. All of us were doing silly things and it made us to be the center of attention. What an embarrassing moment. We end up waiting for Izz mum to fetch us in front of Samsung store.

uh oh... It's 12.41 a.m. already. I need to sleep!

That's it for now! Assalamualaikum! Adios amigos!

29 March 2014

And now I'm officially 17 years old! LOL....
I'm feeling old already.. hehe :P
The first person to wish me a happy birthday is my grandpa, then my mom and followed by my friends!
I was intend to show the text messages but I was too lazy to print-screen it.
Thanks guys! Hehe... Eventho there's no present but it's okay since wishing is more blessing than anything. Am I right? Blerb..
In terms of my age, I'm a senior. However, in terms of my physical-I looks like a primary student. Well, I don't mind tho because I am small but mighty.

Anyway, back to our main topic. I was feeling joy when Mr. Google wished me a Happy Birthday! Haha xD I'm sure that everyone did too on their birthday. I'm just getting overexcited.

Aww... That's sweet! Haha :P

I'm going out with le friends today. Kbox here I come!
Despites that there's one day to go for my sweet Holiday. Goshh... I wish I could rewind time back to the first day of the holiday. Can't believe it will end like this. I'm being emotional here.

Oklah, that's all for now. Adios Amigos!
Have a blast Saturday everyone!

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28 March 2014

Goodnight moon. The earth want to sleep! Aha :P
Heya... I've been working on my latest plan lately. As you can see, there's some banner of my New Blogshop on the block which I'd just made.
I hope that you will visit it. :)
I'm really hoping. I had my finger cross. What? You didn't see? heheh... I'm being foolish here.

Ok, Here's the banner. Just in case you were 'lazy' to scroll down. :PPP

Nice huh? hehe... #Boastmuch

For a start, I only sell few items. But, I will eventually add more items in Blogshop since most of the products that I'll be selling is 'handmade' items. So, stay tuned. :)
I will try my best to maintain the goods.

Oh ya, did I mention that the items current are 'ready stock'? So help yourself to survey it! 

Much Love from me :*

That's it for now.
Assalamualaikum! Adios Amigos!

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13 March 2014

Dear Diary,
Urgh... our exam will starts on this Saturday, and guess what... Chemist will be the first subject to be tested and followed by BM. I hope I can pass it. Well... at least I can get D for it. Worse come to worse, E. Hehe... I'm not good in chemist so yeap... 

By the way, I did joined 'Comic Literature Competition' and I got FIRST place! Hoyeah! Haha xD Feeling excited. It is possible for me because among the form 5 students, only me and a couple of my classmates had joined it. So it is easier for the teacher to pick the winner. Not to be cocky but my comic just stands out the best. :PPP hihi ^_^ I wish I could show it to you but I forgot to take a picture of it.

Just by looking at it, I knew that it must be our school's exam paper and OMR paper or even our school's long book.

Ahh~ It's feel good when I became the center of attention while walking to the stage. Haha xD

I knew it all along. Sighs... I don't mind tho because I can save my money since I already have the exam pad.

I wonder what happen to the 'Anti-drug Poster Competition'? Until now the results hasn't be inform yet. However, during the exhibition, my poster drawing was being placed with the best posters. It's hard for me to admit it but others did great too for their posters. I hope I could nail it considering  it was my last year to achieve something great.

Now, let me tell you about my lose. I entered inter-class Ping Pong competition. I lose during my first game due to my first experience in playing Ping Pong aka table tennis. It was quiet disappointing as our class didn't even get to top 3. Anyway, we did our best.

Oklah.. That's all for now.
Assalamualaikum! Adios Amigos!

P/S: Pray for me so that I can answer the exam questions very well! :D

9 Mac 2014

Dear diary,
It's been awhile since the last update. I'm sorry for the inconvenient caused. There's a lot of things happens for the past few days.

Did you know that I was choosen to be the school representatives for poetry and song  inter-school competition which will be held at Bekenu, Miri, Sarawak. The contest was supposed to be held yesterday. However, the contest was postponed on one months later since they have some technical problem. I have no idea what it's all about. Anyway, I am grateful because I have lots of time to practice my vocals. I hope that our school can perform well during the competition. hee~ 

 Other than that, I bought a new soprano ukulele bag. Hoyeah! I was smiling to my ears when I saw it on my bed when I got back from school. hehehe 

I was soo excited that I can jump as higher as kangaroo! bahahaah  Just kidding 

It has various type of design but I thought this was the best. Pretty isn't it? #boastmuch hehe
Now I can bring my ukulele everywhere I go.
In the meantime, I'm thinking on buying a new soprano ukulele which has a better quality of sounds. My old ukulele is a cheap one so it does not produced a nice quality sounds.

Oh ya, before I forgot, I FOUND MY OLD WACOM BAMBOO PEN AND TOUCH! Well, my sister did but who cares? hehe 
Aaaa!!! I thought I've lost it forever! I've tried to search for it in every corner of my room but I just couldn't. It's been almost 1 YEARS. Turns out, it was misplaced by I don't know whom. It was placed on top of my dad's book shelf. Alhamdullillah... 

It's still in a good condition but the pen was broken or maybe I have to install the CD first so that I can use my pen back because the sensor of the pen is still functioning as I point it on my wacom tablet the white light turns red. In this case, I have to buy a new external drive just to install it in my netbook. Haish.

Ok, that's it for now. Assalamualaikum! Adios Amigos!

P/S: Thank you for visiting my blog. I'll visit you guys blog so be patience. I'm still in a lazy mood tho. Hehe...


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