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17 February 2014

Dear Diary,
Waaaa! I'm staying up late today since I have to finish my assignment which I have to hand in tomorrow.
It's not a big deal tho but what's burdened me is doing add math. ergh... I'm noob in calculation ok. But i'm good in counting money. Hehe B]

Hey, let me tell you something. I think my friend has gone too far. Way too overboard. Can you believe that they told this 'boy' that I have a crush on him but the truth is I DON'T. Seriously you guys. Now he has been misunderstanding. They just teasing me with him.

It all begins when we chillin' at the bus stop while waiting for our transport. Well you know, teenagers always did something to embarrass their friend. I'm not offended by their jokes because I know they just likes to impose me. Normal things. They tease me with this 'boy' for fun.

I thought that he knew that they're just goofing around. Funny when my friends (which happen to be in the same class with him) convinced him about my feelings. He thought it was real then he said that, "Why the heck is she start to like me when it is our 'last year'?". Get it? He get mad because it is our last year for us in that school and it's kinda late for me to like him. LOL! Motive? Haish. He's a weirdo. He should have known that it was only a joke. Gosh... Can't believe that he was too naive. But it is funny tho for the things he said. Haha xD 'last year'. I can't stop laughing when my friend told me about it. Haiya...

Oklah. It's getting late now.
I need to sleep as tomorrow I have to wake early.
Assalamualaikum! Adios Amigos

P/S: I'm too lazy to put some icon. hehe :PP

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