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                The wind was gentle but chilly. Somehow it gave me creeps as my sister was already fast asleep. I decided to shut the window. As I pull the window inward, I saw something running into the bush at two shakes of a lamb’s tail. I thought it must be a cat running around outside the house. I take no account of that and went back to my study table. Procrastinating is a kind of my thing since my eyes seems to be widely awake. I was a little absorbed reading interesting article from blog to blog.

                Suddenly, I heard my mom voice calling out for me from downstairs. That’s strange. What was my mom up to in the middle of the night? I walk down the stairs and heard a person saying, “Don’t go there. I heard it too”. From that moment, I knew that it was the beginning of my horror story. I rushed to my room with hyperventilating. I reached out for my electric-guitar and beginning to slam it. I play my favorite hit ‘All about the bass’ to ease my fright.

                Out of sudden, the whole room was black-out. I barely saw anything accept for my glowing bounce ball which I got from playing a vending machine. I’m scared and my adrenaline rush. My heart won’t stop beating. I yelled not because of the dark but I felt something touched my shoulder. “Geez, will you cut that out? I can’t tolerate with you’re being noisy! It was my sister after all. She must have been awake by the sound of my electric-guitar.

                This time, I heard scratching and squeaking sound from my door. I thought I was delusional but my sister heard it too. We were terrified that horrible thing might happen. The lights were back on. But then we saw a jack-in-the-box toy in front of our door. I thought I had closed the door. Perhaps it was a nerve-wrecking moment where I forgot to lock it. I have to admit that I’m a coward type of person, so I asked my sister to take a look what’s going on outside the room.  She refused to do so and asked me to do instead. As an elder sister, I take the lead even though my heart skips a beat.

                I take a step outside. Something just popped up in front of my face. I was scared to death as I was trying to get it off my face. “What happened? My sister screams in terror. “Get it off! Get it off! My whole body was shivering.  Turn out it was only a towel with spider-man print. My brother was messing around with me all this while. He was the one who whispered to me at the stairs. They burst into tears as they laugh out loud upon my foolishness. We heard thumps walking up the stairs. I wonder who it would be.

                “What are you guys have been up to? Don’t you know its midnight already? There she goes. My mom has started babbling. She was mad about me for not respond to her calling and for my action of playing the electric-guitar at full blast to cause the whole house to trip. The reason why my mom was calling out for is that to help her in the kitchen as tomorrow she has a catering. This situation sums up pretty well I guessed. At the end of the day it was my imagination after all.

                The next morning, my mom asked me to clear the trash while she still continues to rearrange the food she cooked. I stumbled on a stone when I was about to throw the trash into dustbin at the back of our house. There was something twinkle inside the bush in front of me that caught my eye. I took it. That’s strange. It was a jack-in-a-box. I thought my brother had kept it after he scared me with his stupid tricks last night. At that moment I realized the incident that happened. That was the exact place where I saw something went into the bush. Was it really cat?

Credit: I was inspired by the two-sentence horror story.

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