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18 May 2014

Dear Diary,
The skies awake! Apparently I'm also awake. Perhaps, widely awake. I was supposed to get up early for tomorrow and yet I'm sitting comfortably in front of my lappy. Maybe this is why I shouldn't sleep in the afternoon.

Currently, I'm watching Devious Maid. Hmm... Oh great. Now my brain is jammed. I can't generate any idea for this entry. Aiyayai...

Well, is it okay if I talk about my wildest dream? Hehe... It's not that 'Wild' though. If you get it what I mean about it. I'm thinking on making some comic about school thingy. I don’t have the specific story-line yet but I'm getting on that. The story starts with a senior student of SMKL who come to school. He then talks about his school rules and regulation. It may be sounded boring but hey, the story is not finish yet. There's gonna be funny scene that will added.

The reason why I wanted to make a story about school thingy is because I want to submit it to the school magazine. It will be a great self achievement to see my own comic in a school magazine! Hence, the real intention is I just want to make some joke about school rules. Sounds rude right? It's not that I'm underestimating it but our school was too strict. I can say that every year, there'll be some new regulations that will be enacted.

What can I say? It's a cluster school maa~ More than a while, I get stressed out when too much things for me to handle. No, no... Don't get me wrong. I don't have the intention to degrading my own school. My school was really great. It is! Maybe the school rules were a bit too much but it’s for our best. As the results, our school got the 'Cluster' title and even for one of the best Principle in Malaysia. Oh shoot! I forgot to tell you about my principle! He was in TV2 News last Thursday. I haven't got any chance to watch it since I have my exam on that very special day.

I guess I have plenty of ideas instead. Look at the time. It's getting late! I should be going now.

Oklah, that's it for now. Assalamualaikum!

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