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31 January 2014

Dear diary,
My holiday would had never been perfect with novels, junk foods and a net-book. LOL, who am I to be kidding with? So sad to be me huh? hehe... :P
My mom has departed to Sibu earlier as there will be tahlih for arwah nenek. *Rojak language... hee~ :)
I'm not that sad for not be able to join her because I knew that I'll be a bird in a cage. She'll be home on the weekend so I'm not gonna miss her much ey? hehe :3
Back to our main topic, all these while I've been living in a fairy tales dream. Yup. Dreaming of him. Puzzled? I bet you are! hihi ^_^
Gosh... This is what happened when you read to much novels. hewhew >.< I almost finish my reading 'Jangan Benci Cintaku' by Emy Roberto. I wonder if a guy like Shahrizal Hayrat is really exist? But if he does, am I eligible for him just like Rafeeqa Huda? I'm still hoping even though I already knew the answer. Haish.... Too much fiction for me huh...

Wake up, wake up, wake up! Reality doesn't seems to be like fiction stories. Too bad, I'm just gonna lay down and keep dreaming.

"If we were a movie

You'd be the right guy

And I'd be the best friend

You'd fall in love with

In the end we'd be laughing
Watching the sunset
Fade to black
Show the names

Play that happy song"

- Hannah Montana @ Miley Cyrus

If and only if we were a movie.
Well, maybe fairy tale does exist in others life but not mine. Or maybe it was 'way too early' for me to think about it, but I just can't get away with it. Oh why????? huhu T^T Well, I was not suppose to stress about this. I should have thinking about my studies instead. SPM dowhh!!
That's it for now. Shall I'll type again. hehe...
Assalamualaikum! Adios amigos!

P/S: Don't miss me too much as I was going to meet my prince charming in my dream! hehe :3

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