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31 December 2013
Dear Diary,
It's time to say goodbye to 2013 and say hi to 2014! Alhamdulillah, ALLAH has given me chances to live for another new year Insya-ALLAH. Everybody doing great I suppose with their new resolution. 

2013 has been memorable year for me even though there were many unexpected things to happened. This year would have been great if my father could join us too but what can I do since ALLAH loves him more.
This whole new year or I would like to call it my senior year (hehe), I wanted to change for good. I want to become more focus towards my educations. I wanted to improve myself and I don't want to make the same mistake which I have done for the past few years.


1. I didn't do my homework.

2. I didn't finish my homework.

3. I didn't do my revision and as the result I failed in most of my examinations.
4. I took for granted for my form 4 year which I was suppose to focus. (At that time, I bare in my mind that form 4 is a year for me to relax after PMR but technically I knew that it wasn't)

So, that's why I've deleted my facebook and my second twitter account. I didn't delete my first twitter account because I know I could control myself. hehe :P
I'm quite nervous about my senior year since I'll be sitting for my SPM. Yeah, I am 17 to be... huhu T^T
This is where I will start to crack my head and burn the midnight oil. About my form 4 year, there's no use of crying over spilled milk because it's time for me to turn over a new leaf.
Ok, that is a great start! Did you read that? I'm using idioms! haha xD
I hope that everyone is having a blast for these whole new year.

That's it for today. Happy 20Forteen! hehe :D
Adios amigos!!

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