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28 September 2013
Dear Diary,
Lately, my school was busy with school's 50th anniversary. In conjunction to that, there were many activities were held. One of it are SMK Lutong Golden Jubilee dinner that was held in Mega Hotel, Miri, Sarawak last Sunday. It was a special course dinner for former students and former teachers Smk Lutong. However, if the other students or even teachers also allowed to come to spice up the dinner.
Actually, I wasn't plan on going to the dinner but then I am just so lucky that my close friend bought extra ticket and he thinking on bringing me instead and thanks to him. hehe :3

Waiting for my friend to fetch me huhu :3

Ignore the backgound.. hehe :3

After the SMK Lutong Golden Jubilee Dinner, we're having our 'Majlis Anugerah Sri Citra' that was held today at Imperial Ballroom, Imperial Hotel. 

On our way to the Imperial Hotel. My mom looks cute right? hehe :3

PIBG chairman was giving a speech.

Our principle, Mr. Marcus Hugo Matu Lejau was giving a speech.

My friend, Angela Lasah (Librarian prefect same as me) ... Chak! hehe c:

Angela and her mom.

Performance by form 4 students.

What I received during the ceremony.

Me doing self-cam... hehe :3

Angela changed her uniform to traditional because she will do a performance soon.

Yet again, angela and her mom. She looks gorgeous right?

The power of mom. haha :D

Cute little boy. Don't know who. Just love to watch his adorable face! :3

Shikin snap this! haha :D Awkward smile, I know... :P

Friendzone... haha :D The one whom wore specs is Norashikin Natasha(form 4 prefect) and the boy in the middle is Izz Ahmad Irfan.

Collin Matthew (Form 4 school's prefect) and Izz (class monitor)

This is what Shikin have received. (Same as me)

We're smiling! How bout you?

Doing the omg face... haha :D

After all of the recipients has receive their certificate, all of the invitation were invited to have some supper outside the ballroom. To be honest, the fried noodle and the cakes were absolutely delicious. I'm telling no lie. My mom and I even took some more of the noodle until I am completely full. Yummeh..

Sumptuous supper :9 

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