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28 September 2013
Dear Diary,
yeah... I thought that I can't move on with things going but I'm stronger than I thought I would be. Thanks to my dear friends whom always tease me and influence me to laugh and smile away the sadness which override me all this while. I thought that my heart is playing tricks on me but in the end I've just got to admit that I like him. He is a friend of Reb's boyfriend. They always teased me with him. I don't really mind at first since he was overshadowed by Mr. Kebetulan.
I can't believe it that I would like him this much. Compare to Mr. Kebetulan, he's not that good looking but he is smart to the max same as Mr. Kebetulan since they were in the same class. He is much taller than me. I bet he is the tallest guy in his class. hehe... He is such a weirdo I'd tell you and I'm also a complete weirdo to fall for him. Haha :D
Let me tell you a stupid act that I've made. This scene happen last Friday when I was having my duty in school library. Kitty accompanied me to stay back while Reb went home. We've planned to have a study group since the examination is near. We all knew that Turtle (Reb's Boyfriend) will also stay and also Seahorse (nickname) haha :P . I've made him a card.

I wrote:
Nice to meet you!
"Pecah kaca pecah gelas,Sudah baca harap balas!!"

So, as usual I does my duty with responsibility (Sangat) :3
We went in and sit at the usual place (under the fan).
All of us doing our own work until Seahorse came with his another close friend that is Tortoise. hehe...
Three of us was shocked. We couldn't control our laughs. haha Stupid me >.<
Then, it went back to normal. Silence. All of us busy with our things.

Me: Drawing (I'm not in the mood to study)
Kitty: Addmath
Reb: Account
Three of the sea creature: Revision for their coming SPM

It was almost 4:30 pm (Library close time).
So, our mission begin. I gave the card to kitty, kitty gave it to reb and Reb gave it to Turtle. Turtle laugh when he saw Seahorse name on it with a big font of letter. Finally, he gave it to Seahorse. Then all of them laugh. I was ashamed!! I could feel the heat of my own face! haha :D Tortoise and Turtle starts to tease Seahorse about the card. After that, there was an awkward silence.
I went home and everything was okay until yesterday. Last night I couldn't sleep when thinking about what had happen.

How I wish turn back time and never gave him the card. Is not that I don't want to but I feel stupid and ashamed for have I done. I was afraid that it would turn out like the way Mr. Kebetulan did it. Let's hope not right?
#FingerCrossed >.<

P/S: At first, we want to put the card in his bag. Thank goodness that we didn't because he didn't bring any bag. It was tortoise bag!! Hahahahahahahhaha XD

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