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13 September 2013
Dear Diary,
All this while I'm trying to gather the strength to write an entry about my late father. He had left us on 7 September 2013, that was Saturday last week. Sorry I didn't tell you all earlier about it.
I really miss him... His face, his smile, his laughter, his nonsense and simple jokes... I miss the presence of him...

People say you don't know what you've got until it's gone.Truth is,you knew what you had,you just never thought you will lose it.

I still remember when I want to watch TV. I saw him he's kinda asleep at that time since his eyes were closed. Then, I took the remote control and changed to different channel. All of sudden he said "hei... I'm watching the program, change the channel back", with his sleepy and low voice. I burst out into tears because my father is really awesome since he can watch TV while sleeping. How cool is that huh?
He was also a great Hero of mine in the whole universe. He's always get my back whenever my mom scold me from my wrong doing or when I did mischievous things. Apart form that, he was also a considerate person. There was a time that he asked me whether I want the gardenia bun or not. I answered and he shared it with me. He only took small amount by giving excuses  that he don't eat much.

He's also a good listener. He always listened to my nonsense stories or even talked about latest gadget on the market. There will nobody whom can replace him. Ever...

Life must go on huh? I have to bear it a bit more... I know I'm strong enough to face this :')

On The way Sibu in the bus express. (He sits beside me)

In Sibu during Raya... 

 Old photo of him...

Old photo of him...

In memory: 1962-2013 <3

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