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27 July 2013
Dear Diary,
It's been a while since the last update of 'Mr. Kebetulan'. I've been trying to ignore my feelings towards him. Why? Because I've found out that he's already have someone special in his heart and stupid me for not to notice that. 
All this while I've making fool out of myself. How I wish I could turn back time and tell myself not to liking him and never gave him that birthday card. It was such a waste of time for hoping that he would like me too.
In the end, I became heartbroken. Hmmm... Since that, I don't dare to have such a feeling towards any other boy. It's time for me to let him go and just move on. Yup, I give up already.
My endeavor futile.
Now, I'm just hoping that everyday of my life would be another better day for me. Aamiin...
I know that I can cope with this matter...

Oklah... Adios Amigos!!!

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