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23 June 2013
Dear Diary,
Have I tell you all that my big bro has pursue his study to UITM, Kuching? What? I haven't? Sorry... I forgot.. Hehe... My bad~
Yep, he'll gonna face a new environment. hoho ^^ I'm kinda excited for him! Hard to say this.. But, yep. I'm gonna miss him alright. He's already in Kuching, Sarawak to prepare himself. He went there with my mom. :/
Enough of my big bro story... Today, I want to share you all about a new song. It was sung and created by Mohd Ehsan a.k.a Ehsan (my big bro) :]
The song was created for a special one before he went to Kuching. The song was created when he recalled back his memory of their time together. I made this video secretly. I hope he won't get mad when he found out about this... hehe B]
Keep it cool bro! :P

Singer:  Ehsan
Songwirter:  Ehsan
Melody:  Ehsan
Video: Edited by Batrisyia Arashe

So, I hope you guys enjoy it~
(if you wish to hear it from this blog without the music interruption, scroll till the bottom. Then you see a small box of Utube vid. Pause it. ^_^)

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22 June 2013
Dear Diary,
hoho... The student festival went well... well, there's nothing extraordinary even for the 'Panic Space' a.k.a 'Haunted House'.
Believe it or not, I'm the one whom cooked the food for the sales. I help to fry the wedges and french fries.. Can be considered right? hehe... Today's student festival is not as lively as last year to be honest with you. Not many people are buying food. All booth were vacant with students. I'm quiet disappointed of our today's performance even if we were trying hard to pull it of...
Anyway, I want to tell you about my experience during the 'Panic Space' moment. hehe... someone did accompanied me! Guess what?!  It was my friends... I told you he wouldn't come to this 'Kiddy Thing' event~ Too bad T^T Back to our topic, I went there with my friends whom are Shikin, Angela, Ezzah and Ezzah's younger brother. Well to me it was not scary at all. I don't know why do they have to shout they lung out... Well, I was a bit of terrified when they grab my leg but only for a secs. In the end, I'm the one who lead the way out. I feel like I want to laugh at their face since it was really funny to be seen. It's not scary at all.
It was hustle and bustle. 
Sorry prefects, I'm just trying to voice out my opinion... No offense~
The day went by and I was tired. I read my novel as soon as we went home. Hmm...
Yet again, I was heartbroken when I'm thinking about him. Why couldn't I resist this feelings over him? I don't know what to do~ huh

Don't TRUST too much,
Don't LOVE too much,
Don't HOPE too much,
Because that TOO MUCH can HURT you so much....

It is true... And now I'm guess that I'm really hurting so much... Hmmph!! :T 
Enough of this sad story~ I'm hoping that the next day will be a better for mefor you and for everyone... Insya-ALLAH... Aamiin... 
21 June 2013
Dear Diary,
I'm sure that when you all read the post title you all must be wondering what 'Charity Work' I've been doing..

Is it Fun?

Do you feel great?
Do you want to do it again?
NO, but I HAVE TO!!! Hmmph! :T
Because, the definition of charity work in my school is 'School Punishment' for your information~

I went late for school this morning and thanks a lot to my annoying little brother...
I feels like I'm wearing a sack as I tend to act like nothing was going on. To make it more worse, I have to pick up the rubbish near my class which my classmate can look at every movement I made... And there's my form teacher whom believe purposely stand near the classroom door.  Seriously teacher, I don't need your attention in that type of situation... =.="
Embarrassment much!
huhu... I don't know where to hide my petite face! :P
Now, there's two to go... (school punishment a.k.a 'Kerja Amal'). I have to do it until three. It was stated in the school laws and regulations... Hmmph!!
It's a good thing that I was not asked to do 'Kerja Amal' near the form 5 block... huhu :P
Anyway, tomorrow SMK Lutong will be having a "Student's Festival" for the second time... So, you all are invited to make the event become more lively! LOL... Just kidding~
STRICTLY: No outside visitors allowed even though they were the former students of SMKL~ I'm so sorry guys. The principle said so.
We will be having a live band concert! LOL, just kidding. It's only the students of SMKL who wants to show their special talents in any form of performances..
Apart from that, many booths provided by the school prefects. I'll be in charge for the 'Pengawas Pusat Sumber' and we'll be selling keropok lekor, cheesy wedges, and roti John.. hoho ^^
It do sounds yummeh right? :9
However, I'm not really looking forward for tomorrow event. I'm sure that Mr. Kebetulan wouldn't be bother about that 'kiddy things' even though his friend will be coming to perform lives band...
Enough of the jiwang karat thing... I was also kinda excited for tomorrow, well only a little... Why? Because I want to experience again for the 'Panic Space'! a.k.a 'Haunted House'. hehe... But so sad... I guess I have no one to accompanied me... huhu.... I'm kinda hoping that Mr. Kebetulan ask me to accompany him! haha >.<
That is way tooooo IMPOSSIBLE! Daydream again! hesy! hehe :P
Ok peeps! That's all for today...
Adios Amigos!

P/S: I'm still hoping! hihi :3
18 June 2013
Dear Diary,
Heihoo!! I didn't go to school today. I woke up late... hehe... 'Common Excuses' I know~
But it is true.. I woke up at 6:02 a.m. What?! do you expect me to be like Flash?

No way dude... =.="
Anyway... It was kinda bored staying at home. There were so many chores I have to do. 
1. Clean my room
2. Doing homework
3. Drying clothes

Well at least it is more than one... hehe :P

Oh ya.. I want to tell you all about my extraordinary incident. This happened yesterday...
As I was doing my punishment along the walkway outside the physics lab, I heard someone said there's a snake. I look up. Puff... There it is. Exactly in front of me!!! I was really shocked and terrify! I stand up and ran in terror! It gives myself the creeps. I became really phobia! hmmpph!! :/
Apart from that, there were also an extraordinary incident happened that I've forgot to tell you all. After went back from the school holiday I was kinda surprised when I get to know about my classroom rooftop collapse. But the ceiling was still there. The ceiling will leaked if it was raining. The school management had informed the Ministry of education about this matter and there were still no response. Maybe it is in progress. I hope that the work undertaken quickly. 

That's all for today peeps! Adios Amigos.. ;)

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