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14 May 2013
Dear Diary,
Remember the capital 'A'? haha... Yup, the one I mention before... What? You don't remember! Alright, I'll tell you, yet again~ haha... AD. Remember now? Good... hehe :D
Okay, straight to the point. I was supposed to have a form 4 assembly this morning and thanks to my dear brother because of him I arrived late. Well, it's not that late it just that I get annoyed whenever we reach to school when  there was a traffic jam . Guess what, while I'm rushing in front of the school gate. I saw him walking on the zebra-crossing! Just can't believe it! I try to relax and calmed myself. It's a good thing that he ahead me otherwise it would be REALLY AWKWARD! haha ... :D seriously.
It' happens again. He looked back while walking. I bowed and keep walking. I thought that he had looked away but NO. He keep looking back. Our eyes met! Oh crush! haha.. There was a butterfly in my stomach
I smiled with excitement. I bet people would think I'm weird because of smiling for no reason. :P
 We were almost close in distance but separated by bunch of student. Then, the bunch of student start to be few since they went to the other block which their class are stated.
I'm walking with him along the corridor until I arrived at block F.
I'll cherish that moment if it did happen to me again! Hohohoho :3

P/S: He looks cool while walking! Even I only caught a sight of his back! hehe... :D

My wish had came true~

Alhamdulillah, All praise to ALLAH...

Adios Amigos!!! Hoho... :3 

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