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23 May 2013
Dear Diary,
Finally it's holiday or specifically Gawai Holiday! Hehe...

Gawai Day or Gawai Dayak is a festival celebrated in Sarawak and West Kalimantan e.g. on 31 May and 1 June every year. It is both a religious and social occasion. The word Gawai means a ritual or festival whereas Dayak is a collective name for the native ethnic groups of Sarawak (and neighboring Indonesian Kalimantan): the Iban, also known as Sea Dayak and the Bidayuh people, also known as Land Dayak ans the Orang Ulu (inclusive of Kayans, Kenyahs, etc.). Thus, Gawai Dayak literally means "Dayak Festival". Dayak would visit their friends and relatives on this day. Such visit is more commonly known as "ngabang" in the Iban language. Those too far away to visit would receive greeting cards. If there is a formal invitation to visit, the ngalu pengabang/temuai (welcoming guests/visitors) activity will be performed by the inviting longhouse.

Eventhough it is holiday but  I still have to do my homeworks and chores. Maybe I'll start today because I don't want to do 'Last Minute' work that I often does. hehe :P
Anyway, I want to search for part time job but I don't know where I want to apply. I need some money to achieve my target.
To be honest, I'm not really looking forward to this holiday as if it was another day for nothing to do even though there's stuff I should done. Seriously... I'm hoping something miracle would happen... :/
  Boredom strikes me!!!  I miss school days! or should I say I miss him! Haha :D Mr. Kebetulan... :P
Oh ya, talk about him makes me remembered some incidents that happen to me yesterday.
I don't know is it just my feeling (syok sendiri) or something... He is really giving me hope towards him. During recess time, I accompanied my friend that is Librarian Prefect same as me to collect the money from the form 6 students for Teacher's Day that will be held after holiday.
Since the form 6 block is near the form 5 block, I get the chance to have a sight of his class.
It is soooooooooooooo awkward I'd tell you! haha... Anyway, I managed to walk there without any nervous breakdown.. hehe
We have to go to block J because all the lower 6 have transferred there. So, we walked quickly because after recess I'll be having English lessons which I cannot be late. As time does not permit us, we have to go back to our class. On the way to our block. I can see that Mr. Kebetulan and the gang is on the way to toilet. The path they're using is clash with the path we're using. I pass through him without looking at him. Hoho... I have the feeling that he is watching me and it is really awkward!!!!!! That funny moment when I ran up the stairs and all the way along the corridor to my class as I was really afraid that I might be arrived late to the class. Guess what, I'm just lucky that the teacher is not in the class yet. At the same time, I feel like I'm making a fool of myself as I ran like a crazy whom trying to saved herself from a giant monster... =,="
Hoho... :D

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