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9 May 2013
Dear Diary,
Remember the person that I mention before? hehe... I forgot to tell you that I've experience unusual moment... Could it be coincidence for almost five times? Just can't believe it! Guess what, I bumped into him... haha :D yup for the 5 time. 1st, he always went to the toilet when I have my chemistry lesson at the chemist lab near the toilet. It's getting weirder when every Monday  during chemist he always go to the toilet.   I don't expect much but... hihi :3 I'm blushing right now! haha :D Then, last week on Wednesday, it was Labour day so I went for family outing. We went to Bintang Mega Mall Miri to watch Iron Man 3 movie at GSC. Yup, I met him there with his friends. I just couldn't hide my face! hoho >w<
Oh ya, I almost forgot to tell you that we're having our examination during this whole week. It was kinda hard to meet him or just caught sight of him since since we're both busy. I never thought that I could see him again. Haha :D 
This incident happen yesterday. In the early morning, our school having an assembly for  all forms. I was kinda surprised when their class lined just in front of me. Oops correction, my class. Heheh :P Ok, back to the story. As I was saying, it was so awkward. It's a good thing that I didn't sit in front. Since that moment my brain keep reminding of him.
Then, we have our examination as usual. After we finished for our exam, the form 4 and the form 5 students have to stay back as we still having our examination even in the afternoon. So my friends and I decided to buy some food  from the hawker outside the school. We wait at the side of the walkway because the lower form is lined up to go home. As we wait I turn my back then, puff! He was there in front of me!  Haha :D  I was sooooo surprised by the sudden incident then I cover my face with my add math paper! Haha... what a stupid act. It was the first time to being so close to him! And thanks to my dear friend whom told us to wait at the side of the walkway. I love the time when he shows us his surprised reaction. He should be! Haha... Well, since all of us girls suddenly a boy came out of no where disrupt our path. hehe...
Aww... He is very cute when he was surprised! I wish I can see that reaction again! haha :D

"Dear heart, I met cute guy today,
prepare to shatter"
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Dear AD or MG
all it takes to make my day is a glimpse from you... <3
-Nonay Mesui-
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