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8 March 2013
Dear Diary,
I'm the official vice secretary of school library prefects. I'm loving it! hehe... Although, I must know how to manage time wisely. I have to handle this responsibility with full commitment, same as Puteri Islam since I'm the leader. Other than that, I also must know to divide the time so that I have time to study and do my role as a student and also students leaders.. ceh.. HAHA :D I know it do sound funny right.
  Anyway, our examination will starts next week. I'm kinda nervous because I'm afraid I can't do well especially for Add Math, Math, Physics and Accounting Principles. Insya-ALLAH I will start revising tomorrow. I hope that I can do well for this first exam, Aamiin. :) 
I have to stay back at school on 12 Mac 2013 and that is the date of our first exam for this year. Gulp.... I'm start to think, "Can I nailed this? All the competitive were great". 
Oh yeah, 'Karnival Pelajar' is coming soon!Hihi... I thought I wanted to do a duet of 'Memory Tercipta' with my friends. hmm... What do you think? hehe... You never heard me singing right? Well, my voice was okay.. haha :P (praise myself). Okay, if you insist this is me singing Love by Nat King Cole. Don't forget to comment and subscribe okay! Thanks! I appreciate your cooperation!
Adios Amigos!
Thank you for wasting your time to read this boring entry of mine! hehe... :3

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