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28 March 2013
Dear Diary,
I just bought a new cute mobile phone. To be honest, the specs of this phone is just simple and it is a budget phone. I bought this because it is so unique and cute! I like to have different things than others. Most of the teenagers probably asking for an iPhone for their sweet 16 or akin to that. Yup, it was my sweet 16 birthday present from my beloved mother. Hehe... Thanks mom! You're the best! hehe... B)
Sooo this is it! ;)
 Isn't it cute!! heheh... Mini mobile phone! Kawaii overload! ngee~ :3

So this is some of the picture that I took with my mini mobile phone... heheh :)
It's kinda blurr right? well... the mobile phone is small so the megapixel is also small... I don't expect much since it only cost me RM95... This is exmobile brand phone. I don't know which series. heheh. 

The features is as follow:
Bluetooth (YES)
Camera (YES)
Video Recorder (YES)
Voice Recorder (NO)
Audio Player (YES)
FM Radio (YES)
And I don't know yet... I'm still surveying... :P

Well, that's all for today peeps! Rigth now, I'm waiting for my kawaii phone to recharge... Oh yeah, I'm going to miss my old samsung champ that will be using by my little sister... ;) so sad to split up with old partner... In memories... My old Samsung Champ... heheh :P

P/S: My sweet 16 is tomorrow... This present is an advanced... hehe :3

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