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26 January 2013

Dear Diary,
Last night, I was having a appreciation In conjunction for those who involve in 10th ACWW area conference for south east Asia and the far east Asia at the Lotus Restaurant, Mega Hotel. He he... Having a blast! Well, not really. Most of the guess are middle age women. However, it is a fun dinner since there only few guess were invited. 
Therefore, there was a wedding event held in a big hall near the restaurant and I met some of SMKL christian students went to that wedding. Some of my classmates were there too! But I did not greet them because I was shy. Hihi :3 They must be surprise of my appearance since I look different in school. hehe...
Anyway, the restaurant present us with sumptuous meal. Yummy! :9

I like the sushi! ^^
We took photos for memories.

This is kak Ira and Kak Dina...

I'm on the left and my sister on the right.

This is just for fun... LOL

Right now, we're choosing songs but sadly, most of the song is old song.
Anyway, I did manage to face my stage fright and sung 'Open your eyes by Maher Zain'. It did not went well since I was too shy but there's always a first try. ;)

At first, my sist ask me to sing with her 'Kau Ilhamku By Man Bai' but then she refuse.

Aisyah: Eh, since we can contribute our voice, a duet perhaps?
Me: Really? Are you serious?
Aisyah: How about Kau Ilhamku?
Me: Are we really gonna do that?
Aisyah: Nah... How about you go and sing a song, meanwhile I'll record a video of your singing.
Me: huh, as if! Okay then, shall we survey what songs they have?
*Walking to the table where we can request what songs we want to sing. 
Me: What?! You've gotta be kidding me! Most of it are old song and I don't know the rhythm. Hmm... What  can I do?
Aisyah: What? Is it true? Let me check it for you in case you miss something.
Aisyah:  Yeah you're right. We're definitely going back to the old days... LOL... hehe :P
*Going back to our table
My mom: Eh, you're not gonna sing?
Me: Nah, there's bunch of old song that I don't know about. Hmm...
My mom: Well, what can I say. Old folks event.
Me: yeah, I forgot. Most of the guess are middle age people. hehehheheh :P

This is my cute face! (Wek, want to vomit) heihei... >.<

Colgate ad.... :/

After dinner, we went home. I was supposed to sleep after that but I open my Facebook instead. hehe... I slept really late last night. I don't remember at what time but I think it past twelve. It's a good thing I don't get panda eyes for staying up late.
Well, that's all I wanted to say.
Adios Amigos! :3

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