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17 February 2014

Dear Diary,
Waaaa! I'm staying up late today since I have to finish my assignment which I have to hand in tomorrow.
It's not a big deal tho but what's burdened me is doing add math. ergh... I'm noob in calculation ok. But i'm good in counting money. Hehe B]

Hey, let me tell you something. I think my friend has gone too far. Way too overboard. Can you believe that they told this 'boy' that I have a crush on him but the truth is I DON'T. Seriously you guys. Now he has been misunderstanding. They just teasing me with him.

It all begins when we chillin' at the bus stop while waiting for our transport. Well you know, teenagers always did something to embarrass their friend. I'm not offended by their jokes because I know they just likes to impose me. Normal things. They tease me with this 'boy' for fun.

I thought that he knew that they're just goofing around. Funny when my friends (which happen to be in the same class with him) convinced him about my feelings. He thought it was real then he said that, "Why the heck is she start to like me when it is our 'last year'?". Get it? He get mad because it is our last year for us in that school and it's kinda late for me to like him. LOL! Motive? Haish. He's a weirdo. He should have known that it was only a joke. Gosh... Can't believe that he was too naive. But it is funny tho for the things he said. Haha xD 'last year'. I can't stop laughing when my friend told me about it. Haiya...

Oklah. It's getting late now.
I need to sleep as tomorrow I have to wake early.
Assalamualaikum! Adios Amigos

P/S: I'm too lazy to put some icon. hehe :PP
15 February 2014

Dear diary,
Aaaaaa!!! Today, I was suppose to relax and enjoy my moment of sleeping while dreaming of fairy tales but guess what. Neither of that things happen! Argh! My teachers is driving me crazy! Last week we already had our replacement class. I just couldn't believe that today we also have our replacement class! Don't tell me that we also have our replacement class for next week! I would have die! huhu 

They're torturing my soul. No, seriously. Saturday is the day where the students should have stayed at home or doing relax things and not studying. Why? Aren't 5 days were not enough? Okay, if it was important for us to replace the class which we use for our holidays, that's mean we must replace our replacement class. Bahahahaha  I know it sounds stupid when I put in that way. haish.

Anyway, the days went well tho. Maybe there's things that I don't really like but it's okay. Small matter. I'm now watching "Dr. Seuss' The Lorax" with le siblings.

Hey, did I tell you guys that my savings has increase? hehe I'm definitely happy with it. Haih. Smiling to my ears . Hoyeah! Eh, this coming Wednesday is my mother birthday. 19 Feb. What shall I give her? Any idea? 
Hmmm... I'll think about it later.
No biggie 

Oklah... That's it for now.
Assalamualaikum! Adios Amigos!


11 February 2014

Hello Guys!
I'm joining Izni Sofia Giveaway! I know it's kinda late to post this. At least I did it right? Hehe :PP

If any if you interested on joining this giveaway too, you can visit this BLOG for terms and conditions :)

Prize List: 
#Samsung S4 *You can choose the color - 1 Winner
#Touch Screen Watch *Black - 1 Winner
#RM10 Top-up - 1 Winner

Closing Date : 28 FEBRUARY 2014

The winner will be choose randomly.

I hope that I can win this giveaway! Aamiin ya ALLAH! :D

10 February 2014

Dear Diary,
Today is one of the special day in my entire life! Haha  not really...
Did you know that today was Tengku Fahd Muadzam Shah birthday? hihi 

Perhaps I want to buy him something for a gift. *Daydreaming again!   blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com  :troll:
If only I could afford to buy him present since he's a prince so he'll definitely used to high standard things. 

He was born on 10 February 1994. So that's mean he is 20 years old now. Hee~ 
He is a good looking I prince I'd tell ya.

FACT: Most of Malaysian teen-female is probably having a crush on him.
Well, I'm not. *ahahahahhahah I only like him. There's difference okay. hehe

This is a picture of him of the year 2011 if I'm not mistaken. He looks smart in this suit.
 I hope that I can meet him in real life one day even tho it might sounds impossible. Hehe 

Oklah, that's it for today.
Assalamualaikum. Adios Amigos.

8 February 2014

Assalamualaikum everyone. I've been sick since last Thursday. I was suppose to be schooling right now but family come first. Yesterday was the most sad day for our family because our beloved ancestor whom has been living for almost 96 years old or more has left us. She lives next to our house. The past few days, she started to act weird and my aunt ask my grandma to check on her just in case of something happen. She did went to hospital for water content on Wednesday if I'm not mistaken.

Everyone was at her side while she was dying. My grandmother said she managed to utter two sentences creed presented by her. Alhamdullilah! I hope she is resting in peace.

It was a great loss tho.

I still remember the day when my sister and I have to accompanied her since my aunt have to go somewhere else. We took some pictures with her and she was smiling even tho she doesn't even know what we're actually doing. She is kinda forgetful tho but she's a nice person.

She was buried next to her husband grave.

My Father and my ancestor. This picture was taken a few years back when both of them were still healthy.

She will always stays in our heart and my father will too. :)
That's it for now. Thank for reading.

P/S: Just four months after my father died.

5 February 2014

Dear Diary,
I'm not interested in doing other things. Just sitting here in front of my lappy like a boss while watching 'Karoot Komedia X'. Laughing so damn hard by their humors! haha  They always managed to tickle me! hihi  Can't get enough of them huh? Haish....
I'm thinking. How can they be that good? I mean entertain people with their spontaneous acting without hesitation and embarrassment. Even so, they always did their best to bring joy for the spectators. I'm kinda admire their showmanship.
Their body gag was the best... gaahahahaha 

Hei Hei hei! I'm still feeling hungry!! One plate of chicken fried rice and one milo iced drink was never enough for me and I don't even know why. But I'm thankful for the meal. 
Wait, I did have some left over of my chocolate drink in the fridge. Why don't I think of that earlier? Haish...

Ummm... I don't have much to type about today so that's it for today guys! Thank you for reading!

Assalamualaikum! Adios Amigos!!

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