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7 October 2013
Dear Diary,
Starting from today onward until this Wednesday, form 4 morning session, form 4 afternoon session and form 2 afternoon session will be having their short-break due to PMR examination. Oh Yeah!!
Finally!! Free like a bird... In a cage... With a netbook.... Hahah :D
I'm just kidding....
Yeah, I woke up kinda early this morning. Guess what... It's raining... The weather makes me wanna sleep all day but I didn't. I'm planning on finishing my homework that the teachers has given to us. But in the end... My mission has failed since my netbook managed to divert my attention from doing my add-maths assignment. There was a war between add-maths and my netbook. In the end, netbook magnificently winning the war. Congratulation netbook. You've did it. Haha :D Add-maths, you better luck next time... Hehe :3
It has been a month since my beloved father had left us. I miss him. I liked it when he always given me an attention whenever I talked about art with him. He's really into art and was passed down to me. I love art as much as he did.
For this entry, I would like to present my art that I've made using only MS Paint and my mouse. Yup, I've drawn it with my mouse. 
So, here it goes...

I really like the outcomes of this art... Althought I know I messed up a bit with the eyelashes and the mixing of colors. Well, I'm a newbie am I?
hehe... I'm sure that if my father saw this art he will be proud with me :')

Title: My Eye On you
Artist: Batrisyia Arashe

Here's another art that I've made. I wanted to polish and try to improve my skills on digital art form. His hair was kinda weird right? I know, I know... Just ignore it. hehe... Hey, no offense right? ^_^

Tittle:  Guy Side View
Artist: Batrisyia Arashe
Alhamdullillah... I am now became more confidence with myself. hehe... Boast much eh? Well, what can I say... It is my natural trait.

Please comment and voice out your opinion about my art... I will accept it with my open heart.
Thank you for spending your quality time by reading my entry.
Dear Diary,
As you can see I've change my blogskin. Cute right? hehe...
It's satisfied my needs. But, there were some problems. I wanted to put the followers button but... sighs... There will always appear an error. What I mean is that there were no suitable place for me to put the follower widget on this blogskin.
I want to make it like this. This was from my old blogskin.

But it doesn't turn out well as I expected... In the end I paste the code in the entry as html. At least I did it this time. Alhamdullillah.
Hey, I've just known that 'Followers' widget are no longer in the blog widget and has been replace with 'Google+ Followers'. I was kinda surprise when I found out about it. 
That's all for today folks...
Oh, before I forgot. Do follow me okay.
P/S: you can find the 'Followers' widget by clicking the 'Followers' button at the sidebar. :)

2 October 2013
Dear Diary,
As an ordinary teenage girl, I am likely to do my own things. I haven't finish my accounting principles assignment and I decided to do it tonight.
Today was officially the first day of PMR examination. My lil bro was one of the PMR candidate. It seems that he didn't even do his revision. There's no use of me to giving him some advice since he always ignore me and even against me every time I want to give him some lessons about his actions. Even when mom has given him dozens of advice, thousands of lessons and even a millions of scolding and nagging all the time... His ear has immune with all of it.
Sighs... I hope that he will be wide awake from his mistakes and will changed for good to be a better person in his life and here after. Aamiin. Insya-Allah...

Enough of that.... All I want to do is feel free with all those problems. Free like a bird flying in the in sky.

But I know that Allah SWT is testing me whether I can cope with it and Redha with things going on. Every thing happens for a reason.
All I have to do is be patient and always try my best to faced all these challenge...
That's all for now... Thank you for spending your quality time to read about my expressions.
1 October 2013
Dear Diary,
Did I mention that I have received the 1 Malaysia Laptop? hehe... Yup, I did. Alhamdullillah... Things turn out well so far. I'm not sure how many did SMKL student received those laptops. I've never expected to get one of these! hoho ^^
We were given the laptops on 30 September 2013 and that's was yesterday at 2.00 p.m. until 5.00 p.m.
To be honest, I am now using the 1 Malaysia laptop to update this entry. No lies... haha :P
So, here some picture of it.

It is a Lenovo Brand. This laptop is better than the first series of 1 Malaysia Laptop. But, the 1 Malaysia logo on the front is only a sticker unlike the first series which it was permanently stated. 

The mouse pad was more smoother than the first series which is really slippery. The texture feels like you're touching on a plastic and you have to swipe it really hard to move the cursor. Which is why I prefer this Lenovo brand rather than the first series which is Creatiiv brand.

The yellow paper is important for me to keep it in case there is a problem with the laptop.

The way its looks is really elegant. I love it.

I like the design of this laptop very much.

Even though it was kinda slow when comes to Internet but I'm just satisfy with it outcomes.

That's it for today folks! Assalamualaikum!

P/S: How did I know about the first series features? Easy, my brother have received when he was in form 4 and that was on 2011. I was in form 2. Hehe.. Peace yo >.<

Assamualaikum and welcome to my galaxy blog! Thanks for dropping here! Do read the entries of mine and don't forget to leave a footprint so I can visits yours. :)
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