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27 July 2013
Dear Diary,
It's been a while since the last update of 'Mr. Kebetulan'. I've been trying to ignore my feelings towards him. Why? Because I've found out that he's already have someone special in his heart and stupid me for not to notice that. 
All this while I've making fool out of myself. How I wish I could turn back time and tell myself not to liking him and never gave him that birthday card. It was such a waste of time for hoping that he would like me too.
In the end, I became heartbroken. Hmmm... Since that, I don't dare to have such a feeling towards any other boy. It's time for me to let him go and just move on. Yup, I give up already.
My endeavor futile.
Now, I'm just hoping that everyday of my life would be another better day for me. Aamiin...
I know that I can cope with this matter...

Oklah... Adios Amigos!!!
21 July 2013
Dear Diary,
Hye peeps! It's been a long time since the last day I update my blog... Hee~ I'm sorry for the inconvenience cause. There was a problem with the internet line. I don't know though. It took more than a week just to solve that small matter. Huh... Mehh...
Anyway, I went for family outing yesterday when we want to buy some food for sungke. First, we went to emart. There were not many options. So we decided to go to Saberkas. Before that, my father pray at the nearby surau. Meanwhile, we use that time to walk around.
When walking, we came across a game of vending machine shops. Without wasting any time, we went in and buy some tokens. We starts playing. It has many vending machine and various choice of soft toys in it. For the first try, it wasn't a success. Until how many time I've tried, I also don't know. Hehe...
So, here's the prove! :3
I'm the master of vending machine! hoho Just kidding~ hehe

Kawaii Overload!!

Isn't it cute! Nomnom :3

This is what I bought at the Saberkas... Yummeh~

This is my face after I succeed to get at least one! haha :D
In the end, I just gave the 'Cutie Orange' to my little sister. She had tried so hard but she didn't manage to get one. Pity her right? Anyway, I don't really need it though since I already have my bantal busuk! haha :D Yep, I'm not ashamed to admit it because it help me to sleep well at night. Hihi :3
Kawaii much? nahh~ I'm just being me... Yep... Extraordinary me~
Oh ya, before I forgot. My examination has started two days ago and that's mean today is the second day of the examination. The first day was on Saturday.
You know, when I did my math paper this morning.... I felt like dying inside. Arghh!! I wonder if I can do my addmath paper later? Just pray for my best even if I didn't study. LOL... Mehh...
Okaylah... Adios Amigos!!!
4 July 2013
Dear Diary,
Today I want to talk about my fire drill experience. During math time, my teacher told us that we will having a fire drill either today or tomorrow. Everyone were kinda excited as and they even hoping that the fire drill will happen during BI time as they doesn't want the learning took place. Mehh...
Math was over and it's time for recess. As usual, me and my friend will go to the school cooperative. Unfortunately, the school cooperative was closed. So sad... T^T I was starving! I don't want to go to the canteen as I was lazy to walk.
We're just relax on the couch stated along the hall. The school cooperative and the school hall are connected. My school have 3 halls. It's quite a lot right? Well, what can I say. Cluster school maa... haha :D
As we relax there, Mr. Kebetulan and his gang just went out from his class and walked along the block F. Subhanallah! He looks really cute when he is wearing songkok! I'm melting~ Hoho ^_^
They went to the canteen. Then, me and my friend go to our class. Well, just to take Misha's things which she has forgotten to bring with to give it to kakak form 5 (I don't know her name... hehe :/)
Recess time was over. We head back to our class. It was BI lesson. Everybody listen to Miss Yi with their finger cross. Hoping that the fire drill will be held soon. So, it does.
What a coincidence. On the way to the secure site. Mr. Kebetulan class line was beside our class. We're not  that close in distance, but I can see him clearly. He acting macho all the way. Why would I say this? He knows that we're having fire drill session and yet he's taking his sweet time by walking in slow mo. LOL... haha :D Anyway, he looks cool while walking! I'm melting~ :3
All went well except we failed to arrived in a fix time. According to the plan, we're suppose to arrived at the safe site in 3-5 minutes, yet we're late. We arrived there about more than 6 minutes. Don't blame me. Blame the one who act cool all the way even though it was fire drill time... Hihi :3
Before the teacher starts with his talk about the security measures, he asked where is class 4 sc 3. He looks serious and was about to scold us. About three times he repeated the same question. Miss Yi, our strict PK 1 whom taught my class BI (which they want to avoid to enter her class) answered, "4 Sc 3 class is over here", with her British accent. Well, not really. He looked and smiled when he saw Miss Yi. Tahu takut!! heheheh :D
Then, the fire drill was over. We went back to our class. But before that, Miss Yi did asked the class monitor to help her with her things and bring it to 4 sc 5 class which are stated at Block F (beside my "under repair" class that is 4 sc 3).  The class monitor were lazy to do so. Sha'Haz voluntered to help and asked me to accompanied her. Me and Sha'Haz went to our class first (at 6 Rendah SJ : for a while) to pick Miss Yi things. On the way to 4 sc 5, I can see that Mr. Kebetulan class is lining up to enter Chemist Lab. Yup, they just came back from the fire drill.
Aww~ He looks so cute when he playing while scaling on small drain outside a chemist lab. So immature!  haha ^_^
Skip straight to the last period. We're having our PJK for the last period. We're not study at all and we were  playing riddle with the teacher instead. Hoho
Oklah... That's all for now. Adios Amigos!

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