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3 February 2014

Dear Diary,
While I was sleeping, I didn't realize that my mom had  reached our home safely at dawn. I could hear her babbling to my brother just the moment I opened my eyes. Yes, I woke up late this morning because of 'Japanese Flag'. There was a bright smile on my face knowing my mom is back home. Too bad, that bright smiling face has change dejectedly as soon as my mom starts nagging. *sighs Well, everything were wrong to her eyes. 
She ask me to hang the wet clothes, clean the small family living room, she does not satisfy with my room so she asked to clean it again, tidy her bed and so on. I've got no choice but lend my ear . I did everything she asked me to do and never complaint about it because I don't want her reciprocate me like a machine gun. Our rule in the house is 'My mom is always RIGHT'. huhu T^T.
Despite her nagging, she's also care for us as she bought us some new clothes. It might not satisfy my taste very much but I kinda like it. Thanks mom. hihi ^_^
 I like the color the pattern of this blouse. I can match it with my long black skirt.

I like this blouse too! I like the idea of the pearls and the sleeveless lace cardigan. I can match it with either with chinos or denim skirt.

Last but not least, a red T-shirt. This is was suppose to be my brother's T-shirt but he doesn't like the v neck design. He is skinny so it's not a problem for me to fit in with the T-shirt. Guess what, I'm wearing it now. Hehe
I like the quote of the T-shirt. It says, "Don't panic in the street". I thought it suits me well as I am a skater to be. 

Later, we'll be going for an outing. My mom want to go to tailor shop and it's a compulsory for me to follow her. I already had my own plan in my mind. hahahaha *Evil laugh.
Ahhh~ Can wait for my brother to finish his business. Happy mode is on right now. Hehew :3

That's it for now.
Assalamualaikum! Adios Amigos!!

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